Ansoft Spirit Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2019 by Eiji Nakamoto, ex-Vice President and Japan country manager of Ansoft Corp. (acquired by ANSYS Inc. in 2008), the world’s largest software vendor for electromagnetic field simulation for EDA (Electronics Design Automation). At the end of 1980s, CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) technology flourished in parallel with the dramatic improvement of computer performance, and the implementation of CAE into product design and development began to spread rapidly . In this sudden rise period of CAE, he joined MSC Corp. (now MSC Software) in the U.S.A., and has been involved in developing various engineering simulation softwares and their relevant technologies/applications throughout his entire career, including Ansoft and ANSYS after MSC. He has been providing engineering service and technical support for CAE softwares such as HFSS, SIwave, Q3D and Maxwell, which are now regarded as standard tools in each technology areas in EDA industry. At Ansoft Japan in the 1980s , he has introduced those tools for the first time in Japanese EDA market. Through participation in various technical seminars and international conferences, he has been promoting Electromagnetic field analysis simulation technology, which had not been well known until then.

Our business is divided into four segments.

  1. Engineering services related to CAE and MBD (model-based development) for electronics and mechatronics designs
  2. Thermal measurement equipment and measurement services for power semi-conductor devices
  3. EMC design engineering service
  4. Industry design service for engineering

So please feel free to contact us if you consider CAE engineering service by front-loading 1D thermal circuit model, high fidelity 3D CFD model creation and/or thermal CAE simulation for your device are considered.

For 1), we provide engineering services such as multi-domain ROM model creation, multi-physics CAE model creation and 1D&3D CAE simulation for those models, also technology implementation & educational mentoring programs as well by using our multi-domain ROM technology and multi-physics CAE expertise. Furthermore, Ansoft Spirit has an new idea to link with ROM models generated from CAE simulation in various commercial system simulators , as well as with ROM model from safety-critical embedded software development tool ( ANSYS SCADE), that supports functional safety such as ISO26262, DO178 B/C etc. This shall introduce “Simulation-Driven Model-Based Development Environment” , which enables highly efficient and drastically inexpensive product design and development flow for a huge and complex system. We provide consulting and educational mentoring service for this SDMBDE technology.

In addition, Ansoft Spirit participates in the following Japan domestic organizations related to MBD.

*Japan Society of Automotive Engineers (JSAE) – Model Development Committee based on International Standard Description Language for MBD

* Japan Modelica Consortium (Modelica Association Japan)         

* Open Innovation Promotion Council (OIC) – Model-Based Development (MBD) Business Innovation Study Working Group for Business Realization by Utilizing Communication Space Provision in the IoT/AI Era

Another core business is the software product sales of “AnsoftS PITZA” a software tool developed by Ansoft Spirit to extract thermal impedance and to analyze thermal property for various semi-conductor devices, and its relevant thermal measurement and engineering analysis services. Thermal impedance measurement for semi-conductor devices is commonly performed as one of the reliability tests for power electronics equipment, that is generally called “Transient Thermal Impedance Measurement”. The measurement method for it is standardized by JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council, one of the sub-groups of EIA) as JESD51-14. AnsoftS PITZA can extract and analyze cumulative thermal impedance (so called Structure Function) of the target measured device from JESD51-14 measurement data (i.e. Junction temperature of the semi-conductor device) acquired by the generic measurement equipment. In addition to extracting and analyzing Structure Function, Ansoft PITZA also automatically generate 1D / 3D thermal CAE simulation models for target measured device. This model generation is executed by a single button-click operation without any cumbersome procedures. Therefore, it is possible for all engineers / designers to perform front-loading thermal design and reliability test virtually and quickly for power electronics device/equipment from the measurement result without knowledge nor expertise of CAE simulation technology.