CAE is now commonly applied to most of all product design and development scenes, especially in the early stage of development process for large-scale system, detailed analyses by CAE simulation are performed in advance for various components. The types of CAE analysis are classified by different physical phenomena such as “structural analysis”, “thermal analysis”, “fluid analysis”, and “electromagnetic field analysis”. In some cases, these phenomena interact with each other and multiphysics (complex physics) and multidomain (complex domains) analyses are required. Ansoft Spirit is specialized in this multi-physics and multi-domain CAE technologies, and provides engineering services such as CAE model building and simulation, consulting for technology implementation and mentoring programs for engineers.

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Conventionally, the MBD method that has been employed and developed in the field of embedded software development has begun to be applied to hardware development in recent years, but in order to incorporate MBD, it is necessary to consider quite a wide range of various design engineering and technology. In the V-shaped left bank of development, various plant models based on different physical phenomena (multi-domain) are prepared across departments and companies (multi-organization) with the level of descriptive detail according to each level at the development stage (multi-level) and these plant models must be unfailingly connected to the control model. The the key to success for MBD is to build and effectively operate “Virtual XILS (HILS, MILS, SILS …)” mechanism that performs the design and function verification of the entire system with high performance system simulation. We believe that careful consideration of how to effectively create and manage variety of plant models, that satisfies the following three key elements; 1) multi-organization, 2) multi-domain and 3)multi-level, is critical for the success of MBD implementation. Furthermore, as a fundamental technology necessary to realize this, Ansoft Spirit proposes the new idea of MBD by utilizing Reduced Order Modeling (ROM) technology applied for CAE , that enables for system simulation to acquire high-speed and high-performance result while maintain high fidelity with high accuracy obtained from CAE simulation.

AnsoftS proposal for implementation of HW&SW Collaborative MBD environment by using ROM(Reduced Order Modeling) Technology

One of the technical committee meetings at Japan Society of Automotive Engineers (JSAE ), Model Development Committee based on International Standard Description Language for MBD, has developed the optimal behavioral models of the components and subsystems of Mitsubishi Motor EV by using VHDL-AMS (the IEEE/IEC international standard descriptive modeling language for MBD) and made up the entire system model of this test vehicle. Then the committee meeting simulated this full vehicle model by high performance system simulator and compared it with the measurement to validate and verify it. The result of this successful research work has been reported as an application example of “simulation-driven MBD” at the 2019 JSAE annual spring conference.