Today, about 50-60% of the total power generated worldwide is consumed to drive the power electric machines such as motors and actuators. In order for the companies to observe the regulations for CO2 reduction, green energy introduction, sustainable energy generation and consumption cycles, there is an emerging demand for renewal of power electronics technology that should improve the efficiency of these devices. With the evolution of the technology, power electronics devices are becoming smaller and the switching speed of semiconductor devices is becoming faster, and the heat generation density of the devices is further increasing. For this reason, demands for the high performance are being placed on power semiconductor devices, which are the key to stabilize the power supply, while the temperature of semiconductor devices tends to rise further. In addition, improving reliability through temperature control has become a more important issue than ever before.

Thermal Impedance extraction and analysis tool for IC Package /

Power Module & Devices 「AnsoftS PITZA] :

In the development of electrical and electronic equipment with built-in semiconductor devices, thermal analysis is performed by CAE simulation in addition to actual temperature measurement in device reliability test and thermal design due to semiconductor heat generation. However, it is difficult ,in general, to obtain detailed internal information (physical structure and material) of the device that acts as the heat source, so it is not possible to create an accurate CAE model, and it is difficult to perform accurate thermal analysis. Therefore, we focused on the transient thermal impedance measurement method (*) widely used for reliability test and verification for semiconductor devices, and based on the temperature data inside the measurement device obtained from a commercially available transient thermal measurement device, We develop and sell AnsoftS PITZA, a transient thermal measurement data analysis software that extracts the thermal impedance (structure function) and can automatically execute 1D & 3D CAE thermal analysis simulation by commercial software packages available in the market such like TwinBuilder/Simplorer and Icepak from ANSYS, LTSpice from Analog Devices, PSpice from Cadence.


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By AnsoftS PITZA, even if the structural / material information of the power semiconductor device is unknown, detailed thermal analysis by CAE simulation will automatically be performed using extracted information from transient thermal impedance measurement data. So although you are unfamiliar with simulation software tools or CAE technology, or even if you do not have the time to acquire and/or implement it, no worry , then AnsoftS PITZA will enable you front-loading thermal design just by a single button-click .

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「Transient Thermal Impedance Measurement System」:

AnsoftS PITZA is data analysis software that processes measurement data obtained from commercially available transient thermal impedance measurement equipment. Therefore, it can be used in combination with any transient thermal impedance measurement device regardless of the specific manufacturer. Therefore, Ansoft Spirit has formed a business partnership agreement with COPER Electronics, a Japan domestic semiconductor measurement equipment maker with a wealth of experience in transient thermal impedance measuring hardware business. Then, we provide the measurement solution by combining AnsoftS PITZA with COPER’s measurement hardware as a recommended “Transient Thermal Impedance Measurement System”.               


「Thermal Impedance Measurement Service」and 「Thermal CAE Engineering Service」:

Ansoft Spirit also provides “Thermal Impedance Measurement Service” to account for not a few voices of demand from the customers such as “I want to alternatively get the structural function by AnsoftS PITZA for my device from the existing equipment of Mentor and/or COPER, and compare in-between to verify and validate them”, “I rather want to inexpensively and quickly acquire structural function without purchasing measurement equipment”, or “I just simply want to estimate and design the effects of the heat and verify the reliability of the device under development”.

If the customer don’t have the measuring equipment, Ansoft Spirit will check the detailed of the device to be measured in advance, then create a TEG tailored to the DUT and measure it by the transient thermal impedance measuring equipment at Ansoft Spirit. The resulted measured data will then be processed and the structure function is relevantly extracted by AnsoftS PITZA. Or if the customer already have the data measured by their measurement equipment, only the relevant structure function will be extracted by AnsoftS PITZA.  

In addition, we, Ansoft Spirit, provide not only measurement service but also CAE engineering service for 1D thermal circuit / 3D CFD model creation and thermal CAE simulation for your device, so please feel free to contact us.